Payment Policy

This policy is effective whenever you purchase private sessions, group classes, 1/2 day or full day retreats. 


We are dedicated to providing quality service to all. Please contact us below or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

Payment Due

Unless otherwise noted, full payment in due prior to delivery of services or products. 

Options for Payment

Payment System: Payments are handled via Paypal or another secure online payment system which charges a fee for their services. Paypal accepts all forms of payment.

Cash or other forms of payments: We prefer all of our payments to go through our scheduling portal. However, for those who prefer cash or other forms of payment, please let us know.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Sliding Scale Fee: We have a simple payment arrangement or sliding scale fee option for those who cannot afford to pay our full fee. Contact us in advance at [email protected] for details. 

Early Departures, Late Arrivals, and No-shows

We have a no refunds, no exchanges, or no partial payment policy for early departures, late arrivals, or no shows. If you miss an appointment, show up late, or leave early, you are still responsible for all costs. 


ALL deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Individual sessions

1:1 sessions are not refundable and non-transferable. We will always try to reschedule you when possible.

Once registered, you are responsible for full payment for the time you reserved.  

All other sessions, packages, courses, and services (except retreats)

30 days or more before start date - a refund will be offered minus a 10% admin, Paypal and other transaction fees

30 days or less – no refund will be offered. You are responsible for full payment for the session or class. 

Retreats (1:1 or groups)

All deposits are non-refundable.

60 days or more before start date. - a refund will be offered minus your deposit in most* cases.

Please note, our policy aligns with the spaces we rent and our administrative needs.

*Please check the flyer or promotion before you make final purchase:  In cases where the rental space does not provide a refund, we will be unable to provide a refund as well. No Refunds will be added to the flyer, promotions, or other postings to alert you. Please be sure to read the flyer, notice, and other documents before making a commitment. 

Cancellation Policy

You can elect to cancel your registration or withdraw from a class, course, program at any time, for any reason, by contacting us at [email protected] Cancelation does not absolve you from financial responsibility once you have started or received whole or partial services.

Exchange or Transfer Policy

We do not allow for exchanges or transfers.  

Terms and Limits

After 30 days, any outstanding credit balance that has not been used is forfeited. 

Lost of items of value:

We are not responsible for the lost of items in your car or person at a healing or retreat space. We recommend you keep your valuable items safe at home.

Note: This policy does not apply to long-term coaching, mentoring and overnight retreats. Due to unique needs and services provided, they will require signing of a contract and policy document.