Sacred Creative Artist™

Author and Performing Artist


"Irmina is a rare and original transdisciplinary artist, wisdom keeper, and syncretic healer expanding the boundaries of her inherited traditions. As a dancing, chanting, poet, and visual artist she blurs the lines between sacred embodiment and daily life as she articulates the full spectrum of gifts embedded in her DNA. Her work is interactive, transformative, and lively. She invites audiences to explore and embrace their uniqueness through engaging dialogue, sounds of  grief, and joys of play."

October 6-7, 2017

Irmina is a Sacred Creative Artist™ of folkways traditions whose work illuminates from her unique personal mix of styles and preservation of her lineage songs, personal stories, and dances. 

Although she uses the term preserve, she views her role in preservation and stewardship as an ever-evolving life-giving process. She has used her ancestral cultural heritage to not only self identify and to project from, but to propel her unique diaspora expression forward. She experiments with all kinds of styles making sure to not follow too closely any known styles while rooted with the cultural treasures of her birthplace, Petion-ville Haiti. Irmina's creative arts express her deep love and respect for her Haitian spiritual and folk roots, African spiritual heritage, and contemporary healing traditions.  Influenced by legacies of slavery, colonialism, dictatorship in Haiti, psychic waves of postcolonialism, and divergent family structures, her work is mystical, harmonious and deeply personal. One cannot help but be moved.

Her trademark is a combination of Krick Krak storytelling style of Haiti, natural voice chanting, Kreyol dance rhythm of Rada,  Kongo, and Petro, sacred and metaphysical poetry, doused with expressions of modern science, and Eastern spiritual influences. Irmina chooses to stay away from conventional or "purist" Haitian or American styles, making sure not to copy. "Other artist can and do this much better than me. I have my own style which comes from the depths of the seas of my own Souls and my own experiences," she explains.  

She inspires to make an original contribution to the world by igniting sparks of joy, depths of sorrows, and inspiring life-giving creativity.

Fall in love with life again, and again... and again!

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October 6-7, 2017

Presentations:  Gwo Mòn and Leve Mache/Leve Danse

Gwo Mòn

Decolonizing My Ayitian Vodou

A thought-provoking folkways artist reading and presentation.

Includes chants, dance, and stories for creative and heritage reconnections.

An Idea Is Born

In 2017, life re-launched me into self-rediscovery of my artistic sides via chants, songs, and stories of my lineage that needed to be told and shared openly. As a private person who prefers to keep family business sacred, this was not my cup of tea. Yet, I could not help but comply. Gwo Mòn: Decolonizing my Ayitian Vodou presentation was born. While I had no idea where this was going to take me, it has been a bridge for helping me and others take a step back and review the legacy left by our ancestors. It can be a tool for demystifying Ayitian Vodou and removing the stigma associated with its practitioners, artists, and wisdom keepers.

A Folkways Performance

Gwo Mòn is presented as part history, part entertainment, reading, and part "negress" spiritual chants and dance with a focus on teaching and self liberation. Flexible. It can be tailored to any group size. A revisionist ritual movement. This presentation is an experience into the art and folkways of a Haitian descendant uprooted from her homeland in the late 1970s. It will touch your heart and your Soul at its depths.

Leve Maché, Leve Dansé

In life there's series of ups and downs. Finding self through the ebbs of flow.

Leve Maché, Leve Dansé

I never imagined I would be performing again in this phase of life. Yet it now seems most appropriate. Levé Maché, Levé Dansé was birth during time of metamorphosis in my personal life, one which is reflected in the tones of my country of birth and home in the US. This piece is a celebration of the great return to the true self wherever we may be.  It's a recognition to the spark of life within which drives us to stand up and dance in the valley or mountain tops of our lives. Leve Maché, Leve Dansé literally means get up and walk, get up and dance. 


Everything and every time in life has its own rhythm. When we operate in alien rhythms, conflicting rhythms, or out of harmony, it eventually takes a toll on our being. Our spirits have their own rhythms. Unless we are regularly fed by those rhythms, our unique walk and our unique dance begins to lose full presence and harmony with this earth.  We may slowly lose connection with life, we stop honoring the divine within, we become reckless with self in exchange for honoring others. In some cases despair sets in. We pollute, we destroy, and we ignore the life giving energies which our bodies are made of. This piece is an inspirational and interactive story-telling activity to inspire our creative selves to blossom as we continue to honor and respect our unique inner rhythms.