About Irmina (Rev. Tutu)

Irmina is a creator of contemporary creative healing systems and a sacred creative artist.  She is a self-described "reluctant" wisdom keeper and the founder of Clearwater Wellness and Spiritual Counseling (previously Sodotutu), Creative Arc Consciousness™, and Biospiritreality™. Her system for self-development honors the non-reproducibility of natural creation while embracing modern interpretations. Her work is grounded on the principles of the Marassa from Haiti, divine twins responsible for inner harmony and creativity. She stands firmly that all our challenge have a creative solution. She promotes creativity and ultimately inner joy as the spark of life which is responsible for the regeneration of natural life.  She is creating an intersectional body of work for healing, transformation, and growth for the uncommon challenges many are facing today. Her methods integrate modern perspectives of metaphysics and the biology of ancient root spirits. She is currently compiling her life's work and scholarship into her latest book (Architect) which will be out in 2020.  

In her practice, Irmina helps multi-talented women who struggle to embrace their uniqueness learn to cultivate deep self-trust, compassion, and love to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.  She sees clients at her offices in Catonsville MD and Downtown DC. 

Her courses are offered online. Learn more.

Practices & Disciplines

Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, B.Msc.

Ordained Minister

Council Elder, Path to the Sacred Heart 

Certified Transformation Coach

Certified Mindfulness Coach

Mentoring Girls Mentorship Program

Healing with the Arts Certificate

Anu Global Life Ministries Certs

Former Health and Wellness Director

Self-taught Artist 

Folkways Apprenticeships 

Certified Breath Coach

Certified Crystal Therapy Healer

Reiki Master since 2016

Certified Aromatherapist

Studied Mind-Body Medicine with NIH

Undergraduate in Business and International Communication


A divination system that embraces perennial indigenous views of non-reproducibility and its effects. Simply put, it lets you glimpse into the sacred and divine principles which holds up your uniqueness. Its' a method for understanding and respecting your unique spiritual DNA or legacy, your will to unfold your destiny, and the natural wholeness which emanates from a divine universal Creator to you. It is a complimentary tool for healing, transformation, and growth for those with uncommon or persistent problems conventional means have not resolved.

Irmina is synonymous with creativity, culture, memory, personal identify, stability, harmony, and love!